Welcome to home of Resilience Learning Partnership (RLP). We are the education and training provider with a difference. We specialise in training, and expert lectures delivered by individuals who have access to research evidence as well as ‘lived experience’ of the topics they talk about. We can authentically answer the most important question – How does it feel?


  • To have multiple adverse childhood experiences
  • To be labelled as stupid, bad or mad
  • To be surrounded by violence all the time
  • To be in care
  • To be homeless
  • To be released from prison
  • To be more connected to drugs and alcohol than to family and friends
  • To move on from this and find the preciousness and fragility of human life.


As well as providing training to third and public sector agencies RLP also acts as a hub of development and support for our trainers. We pay, support and provide resources for all of our trainers.

Our trainers are at the heart of everything we do and we endeavour to provide every one of them with the best support and development opportunities Our values section explains in more detail how we achieve this and how our trainers have helped us to develop this aspect of the organisation.


“I diagnosed abdominal pain when the real problem was hunger; I confused social issues with medical problems in other patients’ too. I mislabelled the hopelessness of long-term unemployment as depression and the poverty that causes patients to miss pills or appointments as noncompliance. In one older patient, I mistook the inability to read for dementia. My medical training had not prepared me for this ambush of social circumstance. Real-life obstacles had an enormous impact on my patients’ lives, but because I had neither the skills nor the resources for treating them, I ignored the social context of disease altogether”

Dr Laura Gottlieb,


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